ATTENTION:Volunteer events may not be active or may have modified hours during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nebraska Volunteers COVID-19 Updates

Nebraska Volunteers COVID-19 Updates

What Can You Do To Help

COVID-19 is placing Nebraska nonprofits in a difficult place. Many are staffed by or serve vulnerable populations and are suspending their activities for the short term. Be sure to check in with organizations you want to volunteer with as their guidelines, hours, and opportunities may be shifting. If you do chose to volunteer during this time, please be follow CDC and Nebraska DHHS recommendations and practice social distancing. If your community has additional Directed Health Measures, please follow those.

The best way you can help right now is to donate to these nonprofits. These are hard times and the long-term implications from this pandemic could have severe effects on how Nebraska nonprofits operate in the future. As you browse through the organizations on this website, many of them have links where you can donate cash or goods. Please consider giving if you are able to.

Many blood drives have been cancelled and there is still a need. The Red Cross has indicated this could create a severe blood shortage. If you are able to and feel comfortable doing so, please consider donating blood to help those in need.