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Mentor With a Friend: Become a Group Mentor!

Mentor With a Friend: Become a Group Mentor!

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Amy Keller
Mentoring Coordinator
2811 N. 45th St.
Omaha, NE 68104
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Purpose & Long Term Goals of the Girls Inc. Bold Futures Group Mentoring Project

• The Girls Inc. Bold Futures Group Mentoring Program is a group mentoring program. Girls in need of social development, recreational opportunities, and emotional support, are given the opportunity to develop relationships and grow alongside a small group of mentees and co-mentors. These mentors assist their mentees in developing and achieving positive academic, career, and personal goals.
• Girls Inc. of Omaha is excited to have been chosen for a two-year group mentoring project called the Girls Inc. Bold Futures Mentoring Project, funded by OJJDP. 15 mentors selected for the program will serve approximately 50 at-risk girls per year. The Girls Inc. Bold Futures Mentoring Project is in adherence to evidence based practices to stem the initiation, and repetition, of delinquent behaviors for girls ages 9-14 facing high risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system. Girls Inc. Bold Futures Mentoring Project will increase participants’ coping skills, including confidence levels, resource awareness, and skills needed to avoid and positively handle situations of violence.

Qualifications of a Bold Futures Group Co-Mentor
• A sincere desire to contribute to the growth and development of a young girl
• A sincere enjoyment in working with youth
• The ability to work with other adults
• The ability to recognize and address inherent biases within oneself, and to communicate appropriately, openly, and without judgment.
• Commitment to continually work on establishing and growing a relationship, both with mentees and co-mentor
• Practical problem solving skills, and the willingness to ask for help
• Strong listening skills, patience, and flexibility
• An ability to suggest alternatives in a respectful and collaborative way
• Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds

Responsibilities, Commitment, and Support of a Bold Futures Group Mentor
• Commit to the timeline for the mentoring session: ________________________
• Between both co-mentors, provide 10 hours/month of mentoring for the small group of mentees
• Maintain a safe, controlled environment for you and your small group of mentees
• With your co-mentor, establish a sense of community within your small group
• With your co-mentor, develop meaningful, enjoyable activities for your small group
• Attend session Family Engagement Kickoff & Family Engagement Closure Celebrations
• Attend mandatory training sessions as well as ongoing mentor training and support sessions
• Communicate with program staff and complete brief activity reports
• Model & maintain healthy communication and collaboration with your co-mentor
• Attend optional mentor/mentee group events, community service activities, and program recognition events

• At least 19 years of age.
• Pass an annual background check.
• A willingness to communicate with program staff regularly throughout the program year to receive support and supervision during the time you are matched with your mentee.