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Contact Info:

Hillary Mundt
5520 S. Lincoln Ave.
York, NE 68467
Opportunity Type:
Requested Hours:
3.00 hours
Vounteers Needed:

do cent

noun: docent, plural noun: docents

1. A person who acts as a guide, on a volunteer basis, in a museum, art gallary, or zoo.

late 19th century: via German from Latin docent- "teaching" from docere, "teach"

Wessels is in need of docents!  Help our guests explore the farm- guide them through the house, chuch, schoolhouse and other buildings.  Point things out and tell the history of them.  We do not require our volunteers to put in a minimum number of hours weekly, however, we do expect our volunteers to have good people skills, show excitement over the things we have to share, and be good listeners as well.  We average one big event per month during our summer/fall season, and need as many of our volunteers as possible to help with those, in addition to daily help.  We see many visitors- some stumble upon us and stop to see what we are about, some have made plans to spend time with us, and some are with a group function or class.  Our docents each have thier own favorite place on the farm, and are usually able to choose to help in that area.  When there aren't guests to tend to, our volunteers are welcome to do other things- visit the animals, help in the garden or flower beds, clean, or just read a good book and sip lemonade!  That's the great part about being a volunteer!  We open for the regular season on May 2 and will remain open six days a week thorugh September.  We will invite interested volunteers to the farm a couple different times in the next few months to prepare for helping us with guests.  No volunteer is left on the farm alone!  We are all a team!  Contact us today to learn more about being a docent at Wessels!