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Living Well/Dying Healed Hospice Volunteers!

Living Well/Dying Healed Hospice Volunteers!

Contact Info:

Ivie Sprenger
Volunteer Coordinator
Anywhere in Omaha or the surrounding area
Omaha, NE 68154
Opportunity Type:
Requested Hours:
1.00 hours

Endless Journey seeks Direct Companion volunteers to regularly visit our patients in Omaha and surrounding counties of Douglas, Lancaster, Dodge, Saunders, Cass, Sarpy, Otoe, Burt and Washington. Volunteers are essential in providing a companion for persons who may feel lonely as they approach the end of life. Oftentimes, family members who wish they lived closer feel much better if they know their loved one has a special friend who is available to listen on their good days or to simply sit in supportive presence on the not-so-great days. Volunteers need no special skills other than the ability to be present to others in this special time of their life. That said, volunteers have been essential in their presence. Stories abound of how the volunteer was the right person at the right time. For example, one hospice volunteer helped the patient write letters to her adult children. No sooner were they in the mail than she passed away, so the letters arrived as if a love note from heaven. We can accommodate all schedules- visits can happen during the weekday, weekends and evenings. Training is provided.

Covid-19 has made volunteers even more important. Nursing homes and other senior-services are under-staffed, and the mental health crisis stemming from the pandemic is impacting our seniors as well. Nonjudgmental, calm, and supportive companions are life-savers!