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Sit Beside Me Volunteers

Sit Beside Me Volunteers

Contact Info:

Ivie Sprenger
Volunteer Coordinator
10831 Old Mill Road Suite #400
Omaha, NE 68154
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Sit Beside Me Volunteers specialize in sitting at the bedside with a patient who is in their last few days of life. These volunteers are trained on what to expect in the final days and how to provide a calm and caring presence and environment. Volunteers report this type of experience is an incredibly impactful one in their own personal and spiritual journeys. Introverts enjoy this volunteering, as it is not a time for much chatting, but a time of silence, reading scripture or poetry, playing gentle recorded music or sitting by the bedside. Shifts are available from morning through as late as midnight, so it is great for all sorts of schedules. Sit Beside Me Volunteers agree to be contacted when there is a need and then sign up for shifts as they have availability at the time.

Opportunity takes place in the Omaha metro area as well as surrounding communities of Blair, Valley, Fremont Plattsmouth, Nebraska City, and Lincoln. Volunteers are never asked to drive further than they are comfortable.

Covid-19 has made volunteers even more important. Nursing homes and other senior-services are under-staffed, and the mental health crisis stemming from the pandemic is impacting our seniors as well. Nonjudgmental, calm and supportive companions are life-savers!