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Center for People in Need

Center for People in Need

Contact Info:

Amy Morris
Development and Outreach Associate
3901 N 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68521
amorris [at]
The Center for People in Need works with and on behalf of individuals and groups who are underserved and under-represented. This population is disproportionately comprised of low-income and ethnic minorities. Beneficiaries of agency services generally have incomes which fall below 150% of federal poverty guidelines and almost all are below 100% of federal poverty guidelines.

The Center provides a variety of services to meet the basic, emergency needs of families and individuals. The Center also supports job skill development and education for low-income workers, advocate for systemic change through local, state and federal policy makers, and increases the resources of other human service agencies in Nebraska so they can better meet the needs of their clients. For more information about the programs and services provided by the Center, click the Agency Programs and Services link on this website or contact us at 402-476-4357.

The Center for People in Need is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, at 3901 N. 27th Street. While we do provide special programs and a weekly food distribution at this site, emergency services are not generally available at this location. If you are in need of assistance, please contact us at 402-476-4357, and our staff will provide you with the details of the programs we provide, locations of food distributions, and connect you with other resources in the community.


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