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Foster Care Review Office - State of NE

Foster Care Review Office - State of NE

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Mary Furnas
Training Specialist II
1225 L Street
Suite 401
Lincoln, NE 68508
mary.furnas [at]

The Nebraska Foster Care Review Office (FCRO) is an Independent State Agency, not affiliated with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Courts, or any other child welfare entity. The FCRO's role is to independently track children in out-of-home care, review children’s cases through a citizen review process, collect and analyze data related to the children, and make recommendations on conditions and outcomes, including any needed corrective actions. The FCRO submits a report to the Legislature each quarter and culminates with a comprehensive annual report. Reports can be found on our website under Publications at

Cases reviewed by the FCRO include state wards (children) in out-of-home placement or trial home visit under DHHS; children/youth that are in out-of-home care through the Office of State Probation; and the cases of young adults ages 19 through 20 that are enrolled in the Bridge to Independence Program. 

The FCRO has 53 community-based local citizen review boards statewide. Each board consists of 5-7 trained volunteers that meet monthly to review 4-5 cases and make recommendations for further actions regarding each case. The board’s case review findings and recommendations are then submitted in a Case Review Findings and Recommendations Report to all legal parties and the court.

If you would like more information about the structure of the FCRO, or for information on how to apply to serve on a local foster care review board, please contact Mary Furnas at

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