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Girls Inc. of Omaha Mentoring

Girls Inc. of Omaha Mentoring

Contact Info:

Amy Keller
Mentoring Coordinator
2811 North 45th Street
Omaha, NE 68104
mentoring [at]
Inspiring all girls to be “strong, smart and bold,” we serve hundreds of girls every day. Each girl is able to create a vision for a bright, healthy future; then we provide the experiences and opportunities to help her get there. No potential left on the table!

The Girls Inc. Pathfinders Program is a mentoring program devoted to providing one-on-one, or group, female support to girls in need of social development, recreational opportunities, and emotional support. The mentors assist their mentees in developing and achieving positive academic, career, and personal goals. Contact us to find out how to dive into this fun, rewarding experience!

Girls Inc of Omaha Pathfinders Mentoring has completed a certification program focused on how to run a mentoring program that is inclusive to youth, volunteers, and staff with disabilities.  The certification is run by the National Disability Mentoring Coalition in partnership with Mentor NE.  


Girls Inc. of Omaha Mentoring Opportunities