ATTENTION:Volunteer events may not be active or may have modified hours during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volunteer Stories

Volunteer Stories

Being Lincoln's only no-kill cat shelter is a point of pride for volunteers at The Cat House. "The idea of having to put down healthy animals for no good reason other than your time is up or we are out of space -- it just doesn't work for us," said Alma Vlasak, retail coordinator and volunteer...

The Cat House

The Lincoln Bike Kitchen and its volunteers are fulfilling an important role in the city -- providing low-income individuals with an option to get around. 

The Bike Kitchen is an all-volunteer collective that promotes bicycling and all related resources to all people. In addition to...

Scatter Joy Acres is an urban ranch where they rescue animals and use them in therapy for seniors, veterans, at-risk youth, and disadvantaged individuals. Learn more about their mission!